EVAR Advisory Services is specialised in Economic Policy Consulting & Management Consulting. We are passionate about economic strategy and organisational challenge. Our consultants combine a multidisciplinary approach with deep, practical industry knowledge to help clients meet challenges and respond to opportunities.

From the board room to the work floor, from customers to society as a whole: we look at all relevant aspects and listen carefully to all stakeholders. By doing so, we find and formulate solutions for critical problems in economies and organisations. We shape new futures that optimise costs and benefits.

Our clients are everywhere and so are we. We answer their questions anytime, anywhere, and we earn their trust through professional conduct and commitment. We share our knowledge and latest insights with our clients. Our clients benefit, make better decisions and oversee the consequences for their people, their organisations and the countries in which they operate. We bring innovation to businesses and governments and set the stage for change.



EVAR Advisory Services - Economic Policy Consulting & Management Consulting - The Netherlands
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