About EVAR

EVAR Advisory Services is an inspiring team of ambitious senior consultants. We deliver our services worldwide; on our own or with strategic partners. Frequently, internationally renowned academic experts participate in our project work. The interaction with thought leaders gives our project work a profound scientific basis and it increases the impact of our deliverables.

All our consultants have at least 10 years of experience in an international business environment. They all have a background in economics or business administration as well as job experience as a professional or a consultant in the industries that we serve. Our advisory style is powerful and inspiring. We deliver and make a difference.

Corporate responsibility

We have a clear vision of EVAR's role. We believe we should use our skills and our resources to become fully involved in finding sustainable solutions to global and local issues, working alongside government, civil society groups and national and international agencies.

This vision is in line with our values — where we make a commitment to the communities in which we work. Therefore, we support in various ways individuals and organisations that truly make a difference for other people and society as a whole.

EVAR Advisory Services - Economic Policy Consulting & Management Consulting - The Netherlands
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